Should we worry about Nestles water?

There are people protesting Nestles because it is pumping 80 million gallons a year out of a spring in California.
You realize 80 million gallons is not nearly as much water as you think. Let’s compare, shall we? “A shocking 2,100 gallons of water are needed to produce just a single pound of shelled almonds” ( That would mean that Nestle is using as much water as it takes to grow 38100 pounds of almonds. We grow a LOT of almonds in California.
A pound of beef requires 1,874 gallons of water to produce. That;’s 42670 pounds of beef. That’s not a lot of beef.
Nestles 80 million gallons of water are, pun intended, a drop in the bucket. If the protesters really were thinking instead of just reacting irrationally, they would be protesting large water users such as almond farmers and beef farms, which
In 2015 california is estimated it will have 5,150,000 cows. Each steer weighs about a thousand pounds. That’s 5,150,000,000 pounds of beef expected in 2015. (Yes, five BILLION pounds of beef). Multiply that out and you’ve got 9,656,250,000,000 gallons of water used for California beef production in 2015. That’s NINE TRILLION GALLONS.
For comparison, Lake Mead has 4 trillion gallons in it right now
So protesting Nestles measly 80 million gallons a year is kind of silly in comparison.
By the way, doing this internet search and getting the data took less than 10 minutes.

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